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So we do have a news letter, and we do send our customers news. BUT we do not do it more than once a month, because we hate irrelevant spam mails as much as you. We keep the information strictly private, and you can always (easily) remove yourself from our list! What do you have to loose?

Nothing really - except those 30 seconds it takes to read it, and you might learn something new or even save you some of your hard earned money.......  Sign up by clicking on the button. 

A word from the CEO
2017 is going to be our best and most innovative year ever! We have initiated a new project to make our rubber even smarter and better to maintain our position as the leader within rubber production, but more importantly to make production more cost effective to the benefit of our customers. We haven't raised prices for the last 5 years and we plan to stay this way for the security and benefit of our highly valued customers.