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We are a rubber manufactorer - and rubber is all we do! Our rots go back to Denmark & Elsinore - close to Kronborg castle, - The home of Shakespeare's Hamlet.

With almost 20 years in the squeegee rubber business - mainly as an provider for other brands, we decided in 2014 to sell our rubbers under our own name - BlackDiamond.  


Finally, they have developed a Squeegee rubber in between hard and soft. Hard rubbers are not flexible enough and soft rubbers wear so fast that every business owner should react.
I'm so happy that finally is a manufacturer that really supposed to. I have personally tested and used the medium rubber and is delighted with the quality in BlackDiamond’s medium squeegee rubber. 
If you miss to try this versatile and durable squeegee rubber you will regret it!
        -- Ivan Pleinadius 
Multiple Swedish champion and Double IWCA World Champion in window cleaning

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We give back to those who need and we have decided to support Dochdyndream orphanage and school i Kenya (Lwaap Kenya) with a percentage of sales.

In the remote parts of Western Kenya, an increasing number of children have been orphaned and left in the care of relatives, or even to look after themselves, as a result of civil unrest, violence, accidents and HIV/AIDS. 

When a child loses a mother, father or both parents, he or she faces challenges when dealing with the trauma. Children often witness family members undergo slow and painful deaths. Sad, distressed and angry, orphaned children are in need of affection and psychological support. In Africa, orphaned children are usually taken in by grandparents or close relatives. However, these extended families are often struggling to survive themselves and are therefore not always able to provide proper care to additional household members.

​We want to help these children by making sure, that their parents or guardians take good care of them and tackle the problems following their children's trauma. In the school we want to educate and bring out the absolute best in the children.

Read more about the project on their homepage

We have pride in our products and will always stribe for making things better and smarter. Since we are the real manufacturer we can cut cost an offer a top quality product at a much more cost effective way. 

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